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Productivity Improvement / Cost Reduction Projects result in identifying ways to improve operational efficiency, cut costs through lower prices for goods and services and development of better systems, policies, procedures and controls.

Process Flow Analyses result in identifying opportunities to streamline the process flow by eliminating bottlenecks and unnecessary steps, as well as improve customer service by reducing lead-times and enable delivery of goods or services accurately and on-time.

Cost Cutting Seminars are interactive work sessions with key staff having budget responsibility that result in identifying cost cutting opportunities and the best approaches to achieve them.

Freight Practice Reviews result in reducing international and domestic inbound and outbound freight related expense, with annual savings that have ranged from five times to over fifty times more than the project cost. These projects can also be performed on a contingency basis with both parties sharing the savings.

Inventory Accuracy Projects result in increasing inventory accuracy through education, training, policies, systems, procedures and controls.

Software Selection and Implementation provides project management assistance to: define system requirements; identify potential vendors; prepare a request for proposal; arrange demonstrations and user site visits; contact references; develop evaluation and selection criteria; select system; oversee project team; coordinate implementation preparation and training.

Speaking Engagements on topics such as "Cost Cutting", "Improving Productivity" and "Software Selection and Implementation".

Special Project Planning and Management when experienced objective outside assistance is needed to ensure you achieve the desired results.

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